How To Take An Intoxicated Person’s Keys Away

After a spectacular night in a club or at a party, it is sometimes necessary to take the car keys out of the hands of an intoxicated person; if you are wondering about the best way to do this, keep reading.

If the person is very, very intoxicated, sometimes it is possible to simply slip the keys from their pocket or purse when they are not looking. This is effective because the individual will assume they have simply misplaced the keys; be a friend and drive them home that night and Continue reading

Safety Strategies For When You Visit A Bar

Heading down to the local bar to have a few drinks while watching the game? If so, here are a few strategies to help make your night as safe as possible.

Designated Driver
Having a designated driver is always a wise choice if you plan to drink alcohol. The last thing that you need is a DWI on your driving record. If you plan on venturing to the bar alone, then you may want to consider a taxi or other driving service. You will be able to have fun without the additional stress Continue reading

Financial Costs Of Getting A DUI Ticket

If you get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will face serious financial penalties. A DUI fine can can cost hundreds of dollars. That is not the end of the monetary and social costs, though. Unless you have a sober passenger in your car, it will be towed. You will have to pay fees for towing and storage of your vehicle.

The police will take you to jail. If you don’t want to spend the night Continue reading

Signs That You May Have An Alcohol Problem

Only a doctor can diagnose you as an alcoholic. Some people fear that they are drinking too much, and others drink heavily and see no problem with their drinking pattern. The latter often have friends and family that express concerns about their drinking. Below you will find a list of problematic behaviors that are indicative of an alcohol problem.

Behaviors Associated with Alcohol Problems:

  • Lying about drinking.
  • Having blackouts.
  • Legal problems that resulted while under the influence.
  • Anticipating when you will drink again.
  • Avoiding friends and family Continue reading
  • How To Avoid Jail On Your 21st Birthday

    A person’s 21st birthday is a significant milestone. When a person turns 21, they are finally legally able to enjoy alcohol. While this is an exciting event, it can also turn into a bad situation when a person drinks beyond their limits. For this reason, the following information can help you to avoid jail on your 21st birthday.

    It is important to always use good judgment when you are drinking. Choose to only drink one drink an hour. If you are drinking heavy liquor, then you Continue reading

    How To Learn The Art Of Responsible Drinking

    Alcohol is a substance that has played a powerful role in the world for centuries, and it continues to be a popular recreational beverage. As long as people are responsible when they drink, there is nothing wrong with enjoying some alcohol here and there. The important thing is to drink in such a way that it does not become dangerous.

    One excellent idea is to set a limit for number of alcoholic drinks that will Continue reading

    How To Choose The Right Designated Driver

    Getting home safely after a night drinking is a serious concern for everyone who wants to stay safe on the road. One of the best ways that a person can stay safe while drinking is to choose a designated driver who will accompany them to the bar or party. Because this person will play an important role in keeping everyone safe for the night, it is essential to choose a designated driver who meets the following qualifications.

    A designated driver should be trustworthy and responsible enough not to drink under any circumstances. Often, a person will select a designated Continue reading

    Some Consequences Of Drinking And Driving

    Driving while intoxicated is an activity that can have grave consequences for individuals and society as a whole. There are compelling reasons for people to avoid this kind of impairment, and anyone who is a true friend will discourage another from driving in this condition in order to avoid consequences such as the following.

    When people are drunk, it is difficult for them to react quickly. Hence, when they go out on the road, they may well negotiate a turn poorly and end up damaging someone else’s property or their own car. Even if they do not cause any damage on the road, if a police officer stops them, they could wind up with a hefty fine, increased Car Insurance Prices, or even a jail sentence.

    As unfortunate as those scenarios are, the worst by far is the possibility that driving drunk will cause an accident that injures or even kills someone. This may be the driver, passengers or people in other cars. It could include pedestrians as well. Sadly, the clouded judgment that comes with drunkenness can mean that a driver is unable to see people until it’s too late.

    Clearly, driving under the influence is a risk that is not worth taking.